C a s e y   C a n g e l o s i

P e r c u s s i o n i s t / C o m p o s e r
Smallest Is to Biggest as Fast is to Slow, Gene Koshinski and Tim Broscious (Quey Percussion Duo).  Publication pending premier performance

Iksuarpk, Ryan Helenthal

Fanatic, Francisco Perez

Tap Oratory, Aaron Trumbore

The Big Audition, Keith Aleo

Ghoul Theater, Cristoforo Pasquale and Bill Shaltis

Opening, Mississippi Percussive Arts Society

Two and Single Body, Maraca2 percussion duo

A Stillness That Better Suits This Machine, Neil Grover

Bad Touch, Paopun Mu Amnatham

Prelude, Pedro Carneiro

Character no.6, AJ Merlino

Sleight of and Evil Hand, Tom Sherwood

Theatric no.10, University of Delaware

Theatric no.9, Liz Holland and Katie Weissman

Sextet, University of Oregon

Glamour, Paopun Mu Amnatham

Epitaph for Tommy Wolf, Megan McManus

Meditation no.1, Majestic Drum Company

Plato's Cave, Evolution Duo

Theatric no.5, Rice University

Theatric no.7, Da'Camera of Houston

Theatric no.8, Molly Gebrian

Nocturne, Cisum Duet

Ouija, University of Delaware

Occhio, Texas Christian University

Seance, Konstantine Vlasis

Marimba Quartet, Utah State University

For Duo Violin and Marimba, Robert Garza

Steam Punk, Laura Geier

Etude in F Sharp Minor, Jacob Remington

Etude in C Minor, Tim Palmar

Scherzo for solo snare drum, Massachusetts PAS

Character no.4, Classical Marimba League

Sick 6erpent, Jeff Griggs

I love you for Sentimental Reasons (arr.), Heidi Law

Fuss Gojira, Reenat Pinchas

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